School Clothing & Products

Printed School Merchandise

Who has the spirit? We do! Te Bella Promotions is ready to help you “be true to your school” with fun stuff featuring your school logo or mascot. 

Think of all the places where you want to see your school name. Te Bella’s awesome inventory includes the things you’ll use every day, like pens, pencils, notebooks, stickers, and folders. Wear your pride on an athletic bag, backpack, jacket or t-shirt. We have practical things for your computer, too. You can never have too many thumb drives; we can customize these, too. School spirit gear, we have that too!  Get your logo printed on foam fingers, pom-poms, stadium cushions, stress balls, etc...

Best of all, we’re located in Henderson, Nevada, where our knowledgeable staff is always ready to speak with you on the phone about your order. Because we’re nearby, shipping prices are manageable, too.  

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